Nuestro Equipo


Pastores Steve y Debbie


Pastor Steve y Debbie pasaron 10 años trabajando en el campo misionero en Torreón, Coahuila, México. Ellos han servido como pastores en Phoenix, Arizona durante 20 años.


Pastores Levy y Amanda

Pastor Asistente

Levy y Amanda fueron ambos criados como hijos de pastores en México. Ellos han estado casados 10 años y tienen 3 hijos. Es el deseo de ellos a servir en cualquier área que haiga necesidad


Equipo de Alabanza

God has dropped a revival bomb amongst the youth within the CFTN Español family. The effects were so impacting that worshippers, presence seekers, and God chasers arose within the last few months thus, the official launching of the worship ministry was birthed a few months back. We are glad and pleased to announce that our worship ministry has commenced a journey in the spirit realm and dimensions that God has called each and every individual that is a part of the team into.

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Josh Rodriguez


Have you ever heard the statement "...but God! (?)" Well our experienced and continuous learning lead photographer Josh can surely testify to that. Joshua has a background with the church setting but through the power of grace was able to accept and see God in a different perspective a more loving perspective if you will. He gave his life to the Lord January of 2016 and since then has taken his walk with Christ to completely different levels.


Lupe and Elsa

Saludadores / Coordinadoras de Actividad mensual

Coordinators and greeters is terminology that barely scratches the surface of what these two beautiful ladies do on Sunday mornings. They have faithfully been with pastor Steve Thompson's ministry for well over 15 years, on that note they are well informed about the feeling of order and organization that is valued in our fellowship events. These 2 ladies are in charge of making sure that our potlucks always have the best food and the sweetest desserts. On top of that they make sure to greet you with a huge smile on Sunday Mornings before entering our services


Pastor Debbie Thompson and Amanda Hurtado

Ministerio de Mujeres

Pastor Debbie Thompson and her daughter Amanda Hurtado have initiated our Women's Ministry at CFTN Español. This ministry evolves around the idea that God loves to see his beloved church gather outside of the Sunday and Wednesday services. These powerful monthly meetings are purposed to empower the ladies at our church to know that relationship is key in order to create a more community-like atmosphere